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  1. You can use this part of the site like a forum in addition to a guestbook. The newest comments will be posted furthest down, at the bottom of the page.

  2. Great start to the site, man. Could we get support for tabs in formats such as Guitar Pro files as well?

  3. Man, this site is absolutely awesome!!! Thanks for collecting that stuff. Keep on shining you crazy diamond!

    • Thank you! I just added a new feature to the site, too. Now if you want to record a video of your cover, you can! Check out the video comment link in the comment section of each tab. :)

  4. 8 new backing tracks added today!


    Another Brick in the Wall Part 1
    Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (ver 5)
    Fat Old Sun
    Not Now John
    On the Turning Away
    Pigs on the Wing
    The Dogs of War
    Wearing the Inside Out

    Thanks to user Marc-André for sending us these! :)

  5. Hi there guys!

    I have to say I’m loving this site! I’ve learned wonders here so thanks for this! But, right now I’m dying for one song I can’t quite get and I’ve noticed it isn’t tabbed here, in fact I can’t find it anywhere! So it’s a Syd Barrett song recorded around 1966 called “Stoned Again” (also called “Stoned Alone”), could anyone tab it? Maybe not completely because its pretty reckless once it gets past the intro! So I leave you guys a link to the song! Once again thanks for the site, its awesome!

    Stoned Again link (first track):

  6. What a great site! Thank you for the wonderful work.
    many many thanks from a 63yrs old Floyd Fan


    Been downloading tabs for many many years. Learned how to play guitar because of Pink Floyd and the ability to read tabs. (Unlike sheet music)
    Never knew there was a dedicated Pink Floyd Tabs site.
    Absolutely positively my greatest find in the tabs world.

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