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Pigs on the Wing Part 2 Guitar Chords

Pigs on the Wing Part 2 Tab - Pink Floyd


G  C  G  C

G               C         Csus4      C                   
You know that I care    
               G      Gsus4      G
what happens to you
                   C          Csus4      C
And I know that you care
      G       Gsus4      G             A               G(frm2) A G(frm2)
for me too.                        So I don't feel alone 
      A7                          G                   C
or the weight of the stone.        Now that I've found somewhere 
D               G      Am               F           Am          F
safe to bury my bone       And any fool knows     a dog needs a home
C    Am7/B   Am         D        Dsus4   D                G
                     A shelter          from pigs on the wing.


G       320033
Gsus4   X30033
G(frm2) XX000X
C	X32010
Csus4	XX3010
A	X02220
Am	X02210
A7	X02223
D	XX0232
Dsus4	XX0233
F	133211
Am7/B	X22010
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#1 Comment By admin On January 4, 2012 @ 1:23 am

Here’s a good way to end the song. Roger did this in concert: