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Shine On You Crazy Diamond Saxophone Tab

Shine On You Crazy Diamond Tab - Pink Floyd

Difficulty: Hard
Tenor sax as alto: 

B B… E E…
F# E G F# G F# G F# E..
E F# G A, G B A G, E A B
d… e.. B B
G F# G
B C# d..
A.. A G F# E…
F# G A B~ d
A G F# E G G.. G F# E
G G F# E, B.. E (last is below Alto range)
E F# G A B e d B A d.. C#.. B.. A B..
B A G F# G F# G, D E
E F# G A B eb eb B B
B A G F# E D C# B A G F# E (last 4 notes are below alto range) 

Alto sax:
chromatic run
b… a… f#… e… C#… B…
d e, e f#..
f# e a a f# f#
e a f#..
e a~~ f# f# e e..
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  1. Can you try and get this fully please, I really need it because I’m planning a performance and the dude wh plays the Saxophone for the piece is going mad because he hasn’t got a clue what to play…???

  2. Can anyone help Ryan out? Saxophone is the only instrument on this site that I don’t know how to play… I can play guitar, drums, bass, and piano – but not sax – so I don’t know how to help him.

    The only other thing I can maybe suggest is buying an official tab book – this tab was made by ear, so it’s possible it’s not completely correct.

    Check this page: – Link #3 has an official tab book for the Wish You Were Here album. But I’m not sure if it has the sax part so you might want to make sure first!

    Also, maybe direct him to this tab, and the video in the top left – if he’s good at playing by ear, maybe he can pick up some tips from the guy in the video on this tab.

    Good luck,
    PFTabs admin

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