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Us and Them Saxophone Tab

Us And Them Tab - Pink Floyd

Difficulty: Hard
Alto sax – Key: F# 

B F# F#
B F# F#, F#, F#
Ab F# Eb F# Ab
Ab.. Eb, Eb
Eb~ Eb~ Eb B
Eb F# Bb C# C#, Bb, F#
E Ab, B
E Ab B eb… C# B f#…
eb C# B F# 

f# b f# eb eb, B B, Ab Ab
Ab B eb eb
Ab B eb Ab 

Ab B
Ab B eb C#, B Ab F#
f#… bb f#.. eb eb 

Ab B Ab
Ab Bb B
Ab B C# eb, C# B Ab, F#, B, f#…
Ab B C# eb bb, f# f# eb eb B 

f#.. eb
B eb f# ab f#
eb f# eb, B
ab b b ab
eb f# ab f# eb
B C# eb C# B Ab F#
Ab Bb Bb Bb C#
Bb C# f#
bb f#, f# eb, eb B, B Ab, F# Ab
Ab B C#
Ab B eb
Ab B C# eb
eb f# ab f# b 

chromatic run
b ab f# ab
eb eb f# f# ab b~
b ab ab f# f# eb eb B
Ab B C# C# B C#/B~
ab~ b~
b c# b ab f# ab b
ab f# f# eb eb C# eb f#
Eb F# Ab F# 

B C# eb
B C# eb C#
B C# F# 

Ab B C#, B C# f#, eb f#
bb bb f#, eb f#
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8 Comments on This Tab

  1. Wrong key…tried transposing and it looks like it’s wrong altogether. Would love to see a correction.

  2. Sorry about that. I don’t play sax so I couldn’t tell if this was a good one or not. I did find this from barny though, maybe it’s better…

    Us and Them Sax solo:

    You’re right about the melodic minor.

    Here’s what the sax actually plays, per bar of its solo:

    D – chord tones – A F# D
    D – chord tones/major pent – A-B-A-F#-A-F#-D
    D69 – chord tones – B-D
    D69 – major pent – B-A-F#-D-E etc (D69 is of course the entire D major pent scale)
    Dm(maj7) – chord tones (mostly): B C# F A etc (D melodic minor)
    Gmaj7/D – D major scale
    D – chord tones
    D – upward scale run to lead into:

    Bm – B minor pent (D major pent)
    Bm – B minor pent (D major pent)
    G – ditto (Gma7 sound)
    C – G major scale, or B minor pent again (mostly just E, with F# and D; “C lydian” if you like.;))
    Bm – mostly just a B note, with heavy trill/vibrato
    Bm – B minor pent – A-B-D
    G – B minor pent (Gmaj7 again) – B-A-F#-D-E-F#
    C – just an E note

    IOW, (he proves) D major/B minor pent will work over the whole thing, with the important exception of the Dm chord. He only stretches out to the full major scale a couple of times. (The Dm only needs the 3rd to be lowered, of course; the rest of the scale is the same.)

    This is a totally “inside” solo (no jazzy chromatics). Its success comes from the nice phrasing, and the good choice of chord tones (each chord tone has its own character, and he knows how to use them).
    Of course saxophone has an expressive timbre too. When its blown hard (and notes are shaken, like that B root note), you get a natural intensity, that distorted guitar tries to emulate.

    You could make a “moodier” solo than this by going for some of the other chord extensions – eg the C# note, which is maj7 on the main D chord, 9th on Bm, and a useful lydian #4 on the G in the chorus (making the following C chord even more of a surprise).

  3. Cesar Covarrubias

    No like :/ . Doesn’t sound ok, that only took me five seconds to notice that is wrong. The first note B instead is a D, maybe the previous comment dude is right. I think his transcription is more accurate.

  4. Ya, I wasn’t able to find a better tab to replace this one with. If you guys can find one, please submit it and I will replace this one with the tab you submit.

    Please remember none of the tabs here are “official”. They are all user-submitted, by ear transcriptions, so there are bound to be some mistakes sometimes. That’d be great if you could submit a correction. :) I would make the corrections and try to figure it out myself, but Sax is the one instrument I can’t play, out of the 5 different instrument/types of tabs here.

  5. Barney’s version looks more accurate. THe first solo definately starts on D. I’ll submit my chart. It’s the second solo after the paino solo I’m trying to get note for note. I’ll try Barney’s later.

  6. New version up here:

  7. Key is good with the song on Alto sax, but not on Tenor or Guitar :) You need to look up transposition charts. This is written for Alto sax. I play alto sax and with those notes i could jam with original :)

    Take care.

  8. jujuuubes

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