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Us and Them Saxophone Tab (Ver 2)

Us and Them Tab - Pink Floyd

This is the first solo only.

I'm hoping someone has an accurate tab for the second solo.

Each line is a bar. For timing listen to the recording.

d   a   a   d e f#(triplet) 

a   a   a   f#  a   a   b   a  a

b   d

ab(a grace note)   f#   e   f#   d

f#   e   f#   e   f#   e   c#

c#   f   a   f   e  f   c   a

g   b   d

g   b   d   ef#(e grace note)   e  d

a   f#   d   a   f#
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  1. This is our very first submission!

    The submitter opted to not have their name or email displayed with the tab on this page, and to remain anonymous when it comes to credit for making the tab.

    Thanks for your submission, I’ll send you an email to let you know it’s up and that you can find it here. :)

    If anyone else would like to submit a tab, please do so here:

    By the way, since this is YOUR tab, if you’d like a different video than the one I found on YouTube to display in the the top right – just let me know the link and I can change it. This one looked pretty good too: – but I figured you might be able to see a little better what the guy in the first vid is doing – so you can maybe copy it.

  2. Very well done. I enjoyed.

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